Medico-Legal Reports

As experts within the field of forensic psychiatry and psychology we can provide medico-legal reports and expert witness work for criminal, civil, family proceedings courts as well as independent assessments for Parole Board hearings and Mental Health Review Tribunals.

We can carry out assessments in the following areas of practise:

Psychiatric Assessments

  • Mental Health Examinations
  • Capacity
  • Fitness to Plead/stand Trial
  • Criminal responsibility/mitigating factors

Psychological Assessments

  • Cognitive Functions/ IQ Assessments
  • Assessments of memory and ‘Executive Function’
  • Assessments of personality and personality pathology
  • Assessments of suggestibility/compliance
  • Risk Assessments of Violence
  • Risk Assessment of Sexual Offending
  • Suitability for release, step down to lower secure conditions
  • Assessments of risks within care proceedings (e.g. insight into the local authority’s concern, ability to work with professionals, capacity to change, ability to prioritise children’s needs)
  • Assessment of Treatment Needs
  • Assessment of Substance Use
  • Issues related to trauma and traumatic stress